Pulse Lighting are UK distributors for CCFL lamps.

The advantages of CCFL and EEFL lighting are that they are light weight and compact in size with a high brightness and up to 50,000 hours life span at a low power consumption.

Definition of Cold Cathode

A cold cathode is distinguished from a hot cathode that is heated to induce thermionic emission of electrons. These electron discharge tubes have an envelope evacuated or filled with low pressure gas and containing a pair of cathodes, usually parallel to one another.

A common cold cathode application is in neon signage. Miniature CCFLs are extensively used as backlights for computer liquid crystal displays. Additionally, CCFLs are directly used by computer modders to light the insides of their highly customized transparent computer cases.

Despite their name, cold cathodes don't necessarily remain cold as they operate; they can get painfully hot.

Pulse Lighting stock a wide range of CCFL.

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